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Swarovski crystals

Throughout the world, Swarovski crystals are clearly associated with luxury, which is not surprising due to their timeless beauty.

These elements are characterized by a high refractive index and the application of coatings (a sputtered back). This ensures that the elements are characterized by overwhelming brilliance. Refracted light produces a rainbow effect. This result is achieved thanks to the closely guarded technology of glass making manufacturing.

The company has waived the veil of secrecy, revealing that one of the components is a small amount of lead. As a result of processing (cutting and grinding), the material extracted is all aesthetic.

The multi-generational Swarovski family for years cherishes the mystery of precisely grinded crystals, which play a role in jewelry, fashion, designer furniture, and everyday objects. Gradually, the trend of decorating top product crystals has become a determinant of the highest class. No wonder then, that having specialized skills, use Swarovski crystals in their collection.

Swarovski crystals in the Zolline line

Zolline jewelry is clearly an original approach to this subject. Our knowledge and considerable experience allow you to create unique jewelry in the esthetic perception of the final result.

Our collection is an ambitious response to the widespread market jewelry made with semi. Zolline offers an innovative approach to crystals, which makes them unique. Nowadays, the luxury of wearing high-end jewelry opens its doors to each of the ladies who would like to boast of having Swarovski crystals earrings, a pendant, or a ring.