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A legend, which still raises a lot of emotions is the Chanel brand and its current artistic director - Karl Lagerfeld. Few people know that the founder of Coco properly named Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, and as the French designer since 1915, introduced the world of fashion quite different from contemporary canons.

In addition to clothing, perfumes (eg. the famous Chanel No.5), numerous accessories, a rich collection, classically beautiful jewelry. It is made from traditional gold and platinum and enriched with pearls and precious stones. Jewelry signed with a double letter "C" and a sign of this is one of the most recognizable in the world. Unfortunately, this character is also considered as the most frequently counterfeited. The main domain of Chanel jewelry is its timelessness and originality. It is said that the supervised by Lagerfeld collections are not flashy, so as to remain faithful to the strands given by Coco many decades ago.

Chanel is not afraid of new, bold solutions to what may well be included, for example, a collection of Paris-Shanghai combining French luxury with oriental splendor. It is worth noting that in this case inspired by motifs from Chinese cinema from the 30s. This jewelry must arouse true emotions, especially if the individual elements are the equivalent of a good car.