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With high probability, there is no person who does not associate the Tiffany name with something very exquisite, elegant… and expensive. This is not surprising, because Tiffany is one of the most exclusive brands in the world.

The jewelry masterpieces are worn by stars, popular people in the world of show business and many representatives of the monarchy. This is so since 1900, when it became a Tiffany jeweler of the crowned heads of Europe, the Emperor of Turkey or the Czar of Russia. This fact has been a recommendation of the best quality jewelry.

Tiffany Company marked its presence in the jewelry market at a time when first shown in his collection of engagement rings of innovatively planted stones. Thanks to new solutions, the diamond shone brightly, waking up today by supported delight. Since the first and most well-known creator of jewelry, which was Jean Schlumberger, today, one of the main motives of the next collection is nature and its inspiration.

A nod to tradition, but also unusual, timeless freshness of this jewelry are reflected in the recognition, which Tiffany enjoys among the customers, but also other jewelry designers.