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Cartier has long been hailed by British aristocrats "the king of jewelers", which is not surprising due to the fact that for decades the jewelry successfully indwelled in many courts. This French brand was founded in 1847 and has since been considered one of the most luxurious in the world.

The success of this very long tradition is primarily hard work of fine craftsmen who take pride in their pioneering in the industry. Cartier first appeared on the famous Rue de la Paix, where today there are shops of luxury jewelry and watches. In the Asian and Eastern European markets, the newly formed Cartier shop gives the place an exclusive character and attracts new investors. It's fair to say that the others follow the Cartier jewelers.

The company focuses primarily on jewelry and watches, but in their collections, it also has a so-called soft or luxury bags and small accessories line. It should be noted that some of Cartier products are long-term records. It does not bother kings, princes, dictators, actors, directors, members of the mob from every corner of the world to proudly wear exceptionally beautiful jewelry, which endures throughout the years, and nothing indicates that this huge success should come to an end.