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Boucheron jewelry

This French brand of jewelry wakes the right emotions as in the best watches in the world and beautiful jewelry.

For many internationally renowned celebrities from the headlines, the Boucheron name is synonymous with luxury, prestige at the highest possible level. Showing up in any of these collections for years is seen as a sign of good taste and high quality.

The company was founded by Frederic Boucheron, who opened his first jewelry shop in Paris, honing since 1890 diamonds and combining gold with steel. Many years of consistent work and innovative ideas led to the spectacular success of the brand, for which it is comprised of, among others, the fact that the so-called "treasure of a thousand and one nights" belonging to the Iranian Shah is under the conservator’s tutelage of Bucheron.

Today, the brand returns to forgotten materials, using jewelry, for example, rock crystal, and at the same time meets the need for innovation in the form of even invisible bracelet or watch fasteners.

Bucheron is an exclusive brand, available to a select group of its admirers. Nevertheless, looking at the refined beauty at the jewelers, you should know its unique collections.