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Silver jewelry with wood

Our highly popular collection of CRUDE is a skillful and interesting combination of raw wood and silver.

We offer rings, earrings, and pendants, each presented on the models characterized by interesting details. Attention is drawn to, among other things, silver rings with wood, but also with numerous chicory, which is an additional decoration to these beautiful rings. A lovely gift for a loved one can be a pendant with a wooden heart, which is surrounded by a garland of silver.

This is an excellent investment for themselves.

The crude collection is a breath of fresh air among many other proposals. They are a little rough, but with very interesting designs. Wood is not a typical addition to jewelry, so that you can confidently talk about innovation and creativity of crude.

Interesting sets: this unusual collection can use any combination of selected earrings with pendants or rings, because other elements contain the same timber and the same match.

Engagement rings and pendants are a perfect gift for men as well as crude products were intended for them and women.