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Cubic zirconia jewelry

Who does not know zirconia? This very charming, yet durable stone is a common decoration rings, pendants and any other jewelry.

But cannot be found in nature, as beautifully shiny cubic zirconia is a synthetic stone, which in 1973 appeared on the market to it regularly and spectacularly to take over. And no wonder, because zirconia is rewarding material, and in good hands jeweler can surprise its brilliance and color. Because you know that cubic zirconia is sometimes usually colorless, but after adding nickel, it becomes brown, chromium - green and cobalt - blue. Of course, similar combinations are more, and their effects can be seen in the form of finished products. An untrained eye has the right to confuse a zirconium diamond! And that's enough to pass off to the world of elegant, enchanting jewelry at an affordable price.

In addition to the wide range of available colors and an affordable price, benefit utilization zircon is its practicality. It can integrate into rings, earrings, pendants, brooches. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that it is elegantly clad or just pasted. Shackled a guarantee of real, hard work jeweler who dedicated time to jewelry more durable and longer enjoyed by the owner. Glued cubic zirconia has a good chance to come off while wearing jewelry. So let's think twice before you buy!