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Jewelry for Valentine's Day

The annual celebration of love, commonly known as Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to give a loved one something special. Why not it be jewelry, for example in the form of a red, silver, or crystal heart?

Perhaps the idea is very original, but absolutely guarantees satisfaction for the chosen one. Is it because each woman does not dream that on this special day to receive from an admirer a little or big valuable? After centuries, jewelry is a good friend of each of the ladies. For centuries, also on 14 February in southern and western Europe, it is celebrated as a day of love, and its prototype was the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia. Even then, the day belonged to seek the chosen one of his heart, for example, by drawing its name from the specially prepared ballot boxes special. If someone thinks that Valentine's Day is a commercial product in recent years, it is worth recalling that already in 1382, the holiday was mentioned in the poem "The Bird Parliament”.

This special day in the calendar of lovers arrived in Poland in the 90s and permanently inscribed in the tradition of replacing the existing Slavic feast of love, or so-called Sobótka or Kupały night. On this winter day of 14th February warmed up to mutual love. Positive relationships are strengthened by tender confession and beautiful jewelry, which is after all the most elegant and right gift for the holiday of lovers.