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Angelic jewelry

In many cultures and religions of the world, an angel is a profound identification a spiritual being, whose main task is to be a messenger and glorifying the magnificence of the world.

However, jewelry is usually small items used to decorate the body. Associating those two words and their meaning equals that angel jewelry are nice items that adorn, and at the same time, remind and emphasize all the pleasant aspects of the world of the senses and feelings.

This is also dedicated to the latest Zolline collection - Angel's whisper, which offers up to eight different silver pendants. Each of them is a different visualization of an angel. Among them are the lighthouse angel, sleeping angel, or the heart angel. A freely chosen angel encompasses topaz, which according to the dictionary of meanings, provides among others kindness.  It is worth remembering that topaz is also called the king’s stone or a diamond of slaves.

Pendants from the Angel's whisper collection are therefore, a particular kind of jewelry, which will please every woman. Finely crafted, it impresses with its meticulous detail and gives the impression of fragile beauty. Their apotheosis will be appreciated!